Tangier Island

Step back in time and visit this unique place that is surround by the beautiful Chesapeake Bay!

Tangier Island, dubbed the "soft crab capital" of the nation, is a unique island located in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. If you would like to see an unspoiled fishing village with quaint, narrow streets, then take a step back in time and visit Tangier Island today! The people of Tangier, who speak with a lingering trace of Elizabethan accent, are warm, friendly and proud of their island. They live here because they like the lifestyle and have no desire to live on the mainland. Spend some time on Tangier. Visit by air or sea. Stay for the night in one of the delightful bed and breakfasts, or take a day-trip on one of the ferries. An experience on Tangier Island will stay with you for years to come. It might be small in population, but the people of Tangier have a great love of the Chesapeake Bay and each other.



Come try some of the best seafood that you'll ever have. The Chesapeake Bay allows Tangier Island to have the freshest seafood available.

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You can spend the night on Tangier Island. come visit our unique Island by staying in one of our Bed & Breakfasts.

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Tangier Tours


While you visit Tangier Island make sure you take one of the tours that are avaialble. You can rent guides or even explore on your own!

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Tangier Island can only be accessed by water or air. So you will have to leave you vehicle behind. We have two passenger ferries and one airport.

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Before you come and visit you can take a look at the offical tourist map of Tangier Island

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